Monday, June 28, 2010

Favorite photos from the first ten games ...

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With TCU down 7-5 in the bottom of the eighth inning, Matt Curry hits a two-out, full-count grand slam over the center field wall to give TCU the lead 9-7.
CWS Game 9 - Curry Grand Slam-9666

2. Game 2: The Catch
Florida's Matt den Dekker makes an amazing over-the-shoulder catch off a blast by UCLA's Brett Krill to deep centerfield.
Matt den Dekker Catch-5132

South Carolina's Brady Thomas knocks the first pitch he sees through the middle and into centerfield, scoring Jackie Bradley, Jr. to win the game in twelve innings.
CWS Game 10 - Thomas GWRBI-0665

Clemson's Wilson Boyd is thrown out at home while attempting to execute a two out double steal in the bottom of the fourth inning.
CWS Game 8 - Caught Stealing Home-8663

TCU's Jerome Pena tags UCLA's Beau Amaral out as he attempts to steal second for the final out of the final out of the bottom of the fourth inning.
CWS Game 6 - Amaral Caught Stealing-7419

Lightning near Rosenblatt Stadium causes play to be suspended suspended for the night. There was also lightning in the distance during game 2 and weather interrupted game 3 for nearly six hours.
CWS Game 8 - Lighning at Rosenblatt-9137

TCU's Tyler Featherston hits a bases-loaded, full-count, two-out triple to left center, scoring Jantzen Witte, Matt Curry, and Jason Coats and pulling TCU within two runs of UCLA.
CWS Game 6 - Featherstone Triple-7633

UCLA shortstop Niko Gallego stretches (and keeps his foot on the bag) to put out Tyler Thompson at second for the first out in the bottom of the second inning.
CWS Game 2 - Out at Second-4966

South Carolina's Jackson Bradley, Jr. is picked off first in the top of the first on a throw from Oklahoma catcher Tyler Ogle. Bradley's base running error cost South Carolina the chance to score the runner on third, who reached third with just one out.
CWS Game 3 -Bradley Pickoff-5790

Adrian Morales pops to shallow right where shortstop Caleb Bushyhead collides with second baseman Danny Black, who holds on to the ball for the second out in the top of the sixth inning.
CWS Game 3 - Collision-6079

First baseman Christian Walker and third baseman Whit Merrifield collide in the middle of the infield, allowing Tyler Ogle to reach first on an error.
CWS Game 10 - I Got It-0203

UCLA's Blair Dunlap scores on a Cody Regis single in the top of the third inning.
CWS Game 2 - Dunlap Scores-5051

South Carolina's Christian Walker homers to left center to lead off the top of the second inning of game 3.
CWS Game 3 - Walker HR-5866

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